Chitose Abe’s sacai signature hybridization makes for a new take on proportion, stretching and elongating to form a long, narrow silhouette. Born of the experience of living the past year in Tokyo and a readiness for things to get a little dressier again, the collection re-visits an easy, couture-y, womanly elegance.
Abe’s focus this season is on a graceful, feminine ‘shrunken’ shoulder, that’s juxtaposed with an over-sized sleeve, the seemingly mis-matched combination making a new shape where they meet. The relationship between skirts and pants follows a similar principal,with tight skirts shapeshifting the traditional silhouette of the wide legged pants that they’re melded to, making a new shape in movement,all while leaving the wearer unfettered and un-restrained. Full dresses are re-proportioned with shrunken knits atop. Belts are worn high, almost on the ribs, exaggerating the sense of elongation. A bold optimistic injection of colors continues the spirit of positivity.
A collaboration with graffiti legend Eric Haze, comes of friendship and a mutual focus on positivity, warmth and love, culminating in the statements ‘One Kind Word’ and ‘Feel It’.

sacai 2021 spring / summer collection